Studio Math Policies and Tutoring Approach

My Goals as Your Tutor

To help you get into college, graduate, pass your class with flying colors, get ahead, or simply learn something new.

To help you develop excellent critical thinking skills so that you can solve problems independently and accurately.

To help you cultivate healthy study habits to continue succeeding in life.

What I do not do: complete assignments, quizzes, tests, or projects for students. Give answers just so that you can turn in your homework on time. If you are looking to improve in two weeks or cram for a test, then I am not the tutor for you.

Tutor Approach

As we work together I will identify problem areas and go back to the basics in those areas so that you can master them and strengthen your foundation.

The style of my instruction is designed to constantly fine-tune basic skills with drills, complete and master what is required of your math curriculum, improve on challenging areas, and assess the student's knowledge with pop quizzes and practice tests.

A session report is emailed to you after each session. These reports detail what we've covered, homework assignments, and notes on the student’s progress.

Student Expectations

Stay committed to your agreed upon schedule and complete the homework assigned. Don’t expect to improve with just a once or twice-a-week tutoring session without your personal contribution. The purpose of tutoring is to help you through the challenges in your math course, and it is equally important that the student practices independently. Progress is made by consistent work and dedication. Together, we will reach your goals.

I encourage all of my students to ask questions in our learning together, do your best, and have fun!

Time Slot Reservations

Time slots are not saved. They are first-come, first-serve. When you enroll, we will agree on a schedule and I will reserve your time slot. It is understood that you are committed to your schedule. If you cannot commit to your schedule, please notify me to make alternative arrangements, so that I can make your time slot available to other students. Once the time slot is filled, it will not be available until further notice. My availability is always up-to-date and can be accessed at

Session Cancellations

If the student/tutor needs to reschedule/cancel a session, please notify the tutor/student at least 24 hours in advance, except where sudden illness or other emergency makes this not feasible for either the tutor/student.

No Shows

If the student does not show up to a scheduled session without prior notice, or cancels within 24 hours, you will be charged for a ½ hour session, which will be deducted from your hours available, except where sudden illness or other emergency makes this not feasible for the student.

If the tutor does not show up to a scheduled session without prior notice, your next 1-hour session will be free, except where sudden illness or other emergency makes this not feasible for the tutor.


If there are consistent no-shows or cancellations by the student, an alternative schedule will be arranged or the student will be dropped. Please notify me if you will need to drop your student from tutoring.


A minimum purchase of 3 tutoring hours is required before sessions begin.

Any unused hours will be held on file for you indefinitely.

Cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted. Please make checks payable to ROSSINA GARCIA.

No Refunds.

A copy of your receipt will be emailed to you upon request.

Rates are:

Discounts for bulk hour purchases for One-On-One Students: 10-19 hours = 10% off. 20-29 hours = 15% off, 30 hours or more = 20% off. No split payments. You are not eligible for discounts if you are paying an old rate and the new rate will not apply unless you discontinue tutoring for 90 consecutive days.

Agreement and Understanding

By enrolling in Studio Math tutoring services with Rossina Garcia you agree to and understand the following: a)all information and policies as written in STUDIO MATH POLICIES AND TUTORING APPROACH b)the policies can change at any time and any changes are effective immediately after being published on the website at, c)promise to pay the agreed upon hourly rate, d)it is Rossina's intention to offer the best tutoring service for your needs and will make every effort for success, but does not guarantee results, e)tutoring is meant to clear math challenges and offer assistance to master material; the student must put forth the recommended and required effort outside of sessions to see best results, f)release, waive, and hold harmless Rossina Garcia and Studio Math from any loss, liability, damage, or costs that you may incur due to receiving tutoring services from Rossina Garcia and Studio Math. g)rates may change at any time.